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The Team

Nigel Braaf, Shane Braaf

Nigel Braaf, who has more than 20 years experience, initiated the idea of starting this company. Nigel has already given us an established foothold in this industry with his vast knowledge of coordination and management of projects. He comes with an extensive pool of knowledge in earthworks, asphalting, cable laying , drains etc. to name but a few .

Shane Braaf, who comes from the hospitality sector has been trained and groomed by his father to co-ordinate and manage the different sites efficiently. With the various skills obtained from working in the hospitality industry Shane can now lend his skills towards the administration, training, marketing and customer service of the company.

We have 2 site foreman.
There are 3 teams which consists of 20 men (4 artisans and 16 labourers.)

Our Address
49 Verdi Street,
South Africa
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